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Portable Ice Bath Tub (Founder's Edition)

Portable Ice Bath Tub (Founder's Edition)

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Dip, Dunk, Dominate: Conquer Your Limits with Ice Bath Tub!

Introducing Axolor's Portable Ice Bath – your ticket to unparalleled recovery and revitalization at an affordable cost! Our product is designed to be taken anywhere from your Backyard, Bathroom, Apartment, or Balcony.

  • Fits up to 6ft5 & 275lbs/110KGS

Items Included with each order:
1) Portable Ice Bath
2) Portable Pump
3) Inflatable Protective Lid + Cover Lid
4) Carrying Case
5) 6 x Durable Support Legs
6) Inflatable Pillow (To sit on!)
7) Drain hose
8) Free USA Shipping


How to assemble your Ice Bath:

Remove all contents from the box and insert the support legs into the slits of the Ice Bath. Pump the tube connected to the Ice Bath. All that is left is to add water and ice and you are good to go! Our Portable Ice Bath is built to last with our 5 layers of insulation technology - designed to help keep your bath cool for days!

QUICK TIP: After testing, it seems that cold tap water is effective! Ice is not required unless you are looking for a colder experience. 

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